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Your credit union will provide you with the loan you need at the best possible rate, because a credit union exists only to benefit its members. Here, we will show you how easy it is to work out the true cost of a credit union loan and what questions you should be sure to ask when you are applying for a loan elsewhere.

Benefits include...

  • ✓ Low cost finance
  • ✓ Interest charged on the reducing loan balance - you only pay on what you owe
  • ✓ No interest charged on interest due - unlike other institutions
  • ✓ No hidden or additional costs
  • ✓ Life savings and loan protection insurance automatically provided on member
    savings and loan balances at no extra cost to the member (conditions and limits apply)
  • ✓ Credit Union is a not-for-profit mutual financial co-operative
  • ✓ Members own and control the Credit Union
  • ✓ All surplus goes back to the members
  • ✓ Credit Union is local, and convenient for member service
  • ✓ Credit Unions have voluntary non paid boards
  • ✓ A Credit Union loan is not a lease
  • ✓ The flexibility to make larger repayments than agreed at no penalty
  • ✓ Additional lump-sum repayments accepted at no penalty
  • ✓ Each application is treated in confidence on its merit

You must be a member to be eligible for a credit union loan. You can make an application at your credit union. Friendly and informative personnel will gladly assist you with any enquiries you may have. Once your application is lodged, speedy consideration is the norm.

You can download a loan application here.

- Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But For Service -
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